Now we have a whole industry genetically modifying food to grow without metal nutrients. These foods are called "RoundUp Ready". The problem is we need chromium to activate insulin. Without chromium, we have "insulin resistance" aka type 2 diabetes. This is a problem if you mostly eat "fast food". You can eat all the fast food you want and still be hungry because our body does not see the essential minerals it needs to process that food. On the other hand, you can eat a smaller amount of organic food, not be full and yet not be hungry because the essential nutrients are there. Admitted there are some who travel who carry a supplement that contains cinnamon, D3 and chromium picolinate to help them metabolize sugars and starches. It has also been discovered that the lack of essential nutrients is the major cause of Heart Disease in the United States. It is because essential metal nutrients of zinc, chrome and other metals are made unavailable by the glyphosate in RoundUp.

In addition, we need cobalt to make Vitamin B12 that is necessary for cell division and growth. Without B12 we cannot grow or stay healthy. Cell division and growth is needed to make sperm, for a fetus to grow, and to remember new things. Without B12 you have infertility in men, miscarriage in women and Alzeheimer's. Magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chrome, cobalt and many other metals are essential for good health. Real organic food grown in nutrient rich soil is better because it contains ALL the essential nutrients we need to correctly process the food we eat and keep our immune system healthy.

Tools have been developed to genetically modify [GM] food by splicing into that food a gene that may be a gene from other foods, a gene from animals, a gene from fungus, or even a gene from a bacterium. The idea is that the addition of this gene will impart to the food some desirable trait. The problem is that the technology is not advanced enough to control where the splice is in the food DNA. The desirable traits may be transferred, but in all probability, some of the foods natural traits will be changed. That change may or may not be desirable. The genetic splice may prevent the food from making an essential vitamin or protein. Or the splice may cause the food to make undesirable and even toxic compounds. But what is even more insane is to splice into food a gene from a bacterium that makes a toxic poison.

So the same industry that remove nutrients from food went to the anthrax family of bacteria and took a gene from bacillus thuringiensis [Bt-gene] that makes a poison known as the Bt-toxin. They then spliced this gene into corn, soy, cottonseed, canola and many other foods so that they manufacture the Bt-toxin in every cell of the plant. If an insect eats any part of the plant, the Bt-toxin will split open the insect's stomach and kill it. But this same toxin also affects all mammals, including us. It is deadly to rats, dogs, sheep, goats and cattle. [Now you know why dog-food was included in Proposition 37. Cats will normally not eat GM food unless they have no other choice.] This Bt-toxin can create holes in our stomachs and bowel. This is why some medical doctors ask their patients not to eat GM food. So, how do you know what foods are GM without labels?

The holes in our stomach and gut can allow undigested food into our blood stream. Our immune system sees this foreign material and builds up a defense. In other words, we develop an allergy to that food. I have been told that if we continue to eat that food, the allergic reaction along with a nutrient deficiency and the presence of the Bt-toxin can be the cause of many neurological problems such as autism, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis [MS], or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis [ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease]. With a weakened immune system cannot protect us from all sorts of diseases, even cancer. A recent French study shows the result of long term injestion of GM corn can often cause cancer: French Rat Study. I also highly recommend getting [or seeing] the videos called: Genetic Roulette Movie and Seeds of Death. For a technical description see: . Disease and Glyphosate.

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