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San Diego Politicians

Send e-mail, write letter and/or visit:
White House White House Staff
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein
U.S. Congressman 49 Darrell Issa
U.S. Congressman 50 Duncan Hunter
U.S. Congressman 51 Juan Vargas
U.S. Congressman 52 Scott Peters
U.S. Congressman 53 Susan Davis
CA Senator 36 Joel Anderson
CA Senator 38 Mark Wyland
CA Senator 39 Marty Block
CA Senator 40 Ben Hueso
CA Assemblyman 71 Brian Jones
CA Assemblyman 75 Marie Waldron
CA Assemblyman 76 Rocky Chavez
CA Assemblyman 77 Brian Maienschein
CA Assemblyman 78 Toni Atkins
CA Assemblyman 79 Shirley Weber
CA Assemblyman 80 Lorena Gonzalez

and encourage them to support labeling legislation.



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