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Wrong Agenda

Healthy people do not get sick. But they do get injured. And they can do things that are unhealthy. They can make themselves unhealthy by not eating all the nutrients their body needs to stay healthy. They can make themselves unhealthy by consuming various poisons and toxins. They can make themselves unhealthy with either emotional stress or by entering a stressful environment such as excessive heat, or cold, or some other toxic environment. And of course, others also can make people unhealthy with external stress, whether it be with difficult demands or by making their environment toxic. When you or others make you unhealthy, your immune system that protects you from disease will have been compromised and thus unable to fully protect you. And this will allow you to get sick. You can then get colds, or the flu, or even get cancer or other serious diseases that damage you and your internal organs. So the object of the exercise is to avoid those things that make us unhealthy and vulnerable to all sorts of disease.

Most of us can control most of our local environment. But the problem is that our government is actively promoting a toxic environment by allowing toxins to released into our atmosphere, by mandating toxins to be added to our water, and by promoting food that has been genetically modified to produce toxic poisons, and to be deficient of essential nutrients. This has caused the creation of new pathogens that attack us and attack our immune system. These new pathogens cause disease that lead to cancer and even sterility. [Part 2] There are some people that claim that this is done intentionally to decrease the population according to United Nations Agenda 21 that was signed by presidents Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and now by President Obama. These four presidents have push the development of foods that grow the Bt-toxin and that are designed to grow without many essential nutrients. They have pushed for adding toxic fluorides into our water. And they have push for aerial spraying of toxic aluminum and barium that destroys trees and organic crops that naturally produce healthy food that contain all the nutrients we need to survive. And now, not only has most of our agricultural land be poisoned with glyphosate, but now or government is considering the use of 2,4-D as a herbicide on our crops to control weeds. You may remember that 2,4-D is a major ingredient in Agenda Orange that continues to cause massive birth defects and even sterility in Viet-Nam. The question is, are these things being done by design or by the incompetence of congress and our president? And this does not include the large amounts of mercury, fluorine, arsenic, lead and radioactive materials allowed to enter our air and our water as a byproduct of producing useful products and in the production of energy.

If the poisonous mercury, fluorine, arsenic, lead, Bt-toxin, glyphosate, 2,4-D, aspartame, artificial trans-fats and oils, toxic food coloring, toxic medications and pathogens were removed from our air, water, food and vaccines, and if we were fed natural food that contained all the nutrients we need, then over 2/3 of disease, including cancer, autism, Alzheimer's, etc. would disappear in about 2 years. This is the way to reduce health costs: remove toxins, allow healthy unadulterated food, clean water and air to be our environment, and most of our health care costs would be eliminated. Instead, what I am seeing is a congress and a president pressured to allow even more toxins being added to our environment that will lead to further sickness and death, and as a result, massive increases in health care facilities, doctors, nurses, and staff to support a sick society, resulting in a massive increased cost.

Why? Why are our President and half of Congress intent on following United Nations Agenda21 and ICLEI to the destruction of our Constitution and Bill or Rights? Why are our President and half of Congress promoting the loss of property rights, and our right to clean water and air? Why are our President and half of Congress poisoning us? Why does our President and half of Congress want to enslave us? Is it greed? Is it that they have been bought off with money? Is it that they believe the false claims of evil men without independently attempting to verify their claims and in doing such, expose their evil intents? Congressmen need to do their homework.

My middle son tells me to take off my tin foil hat. My wife does not believe all that I say. They ask for proof, as they should. And when I give the web pages where the proof is posted, they will not go there. When I down load the videos of the presentations and put them on a DVD, they do not watch them. And I seem to get the same reaction from politicians. It seems no one is willing to look at the evidence. As a result, our nation is destroying itself as citizens become sicker and sicker, and as citizens ask for more and more aid from government for what they should be able to do for themselves. Government has convinced many that aid is good and independence is evil. But the real truth is that self-sufficiency may be the only thing we can depend on as government loses its ability to beg, borrow and steal to get the resources it wants to give to those demanding aid.

This letter and references to the documentation that supports it can be found at http://Opinion.FarTooMuch.Info/WrongAgenda.htm

---Russ Lemon

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